Areavoices blogger reviews regional book, ‘A Long Journey to a New Home”

Editor’s note: Krista Thom is one of Areavoices’ new “Book Nook” bloggers. In her first review she takes a look at “A Long Journey to a New Home” by Esther Allen Peterson. Feel free to leave your own comments on the book and Thom’s take on it. Below is an excerpt from Thom’s review. Read the full write-up on her site.


"A Long Journey to a New Home"

This young adult novel tells the story of the Ytterhorn family as they leave Norway to settle in the Dakota Territory. The Ytterhorns start out at near starvation-level poverty, and make the decision to move to a foreign country against the advice of their friends and neighbors. The family has to deal with the death of the mother and the father’s decision to remarry soon after.

Read Krista’s full review.